While working on crypto currency automation over the last weeks, I noticed that one of the best known websites coinmarketcap.com lists all the coins and some basic information, but not a description or tags of what each coin does.

One of my cryptocurrency bots will send me summaries of its trading activities every day, with a list of coins and the amounts invested, however I usually was interested what those coins do, and why they exist.

I’m not sure how many developers face this issue, but I decided to build and publish a side project of my side project, it’s called Crypto-Summaries and it’s available on GitHub.

Here are some examples of how to use the API (for the most up to date docs, please open the GitHub repo.

Access the summary of Bitcoin:

Alternatively you can also use the name of the coin instead of symbol

The goal is to have a community maintained description of crypto currencies, maybe one day even support for tags, so you could filter for e.g. gaming coins. 

Unless otherwise mentioned in the post, those projects are side projects which I work on on weekends and evenings, and are not affiliated with my work or employer.