Launching - the first, of many hyper-focused ContextSDK products, helping you increase your app’s revenue.

Apps relying on ad-revenue have struggled showing the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) prompt at the right time, reducing their likelihood of an opt-in. Large players in the market have shared that an increase of 10% ATT opt-in can increase their revenue by 5-7%.

Thanks to the new ContextSDK technology, we can significantly increase your opt-in rate, by leveraging on-device Machine Learning and the user’s real-world context to find the perfect moment to trigger the prompt. All of this, while fully preserving the user’s privacy, never using any PII, and minimal footprint of 700 KB in your app’s binary.

You only have one shot at showing the prompt, therefore, timing is crucial. We leverage the user’s real-world context, as well as your specific app’s usage patterns, to find the perfect moment to trigger the ATT prompt in your app.

You can get started using ContextSDK for optimizing your App Tracking Transparency prompt completely risk-free using just a single line of code:

At first your ATT prompt behaviour won’t change, and it’s always shown. Only once we’ve calibrated your model, we will automatically choose the perfect time to prompt the user. The integration is super easy:

  1. Integrate ContextSDK and replace ATTrackingManager with ContextManager
  2. Ship an App Store update, and ContextSDK will automatically calibrate its signals towards your app and user base
  3. Get your own custom ML Model, packaged in your personal ContextSDK Binary, ready to start optimizing your app

For pricing details, and to sign-up, check out