Founder of ContextSDK, the most intelligent way to know when and how to monetize your user.

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I'm the founder of fastlane, an open source tool for iOS and Android developers to make building and releasing apps easier. Just last year, fastlane has saved over 33,000,000 developer hours and is used by hundreds of thousands of companies around the world. fastlane got acquired by Twitter, and later Google.

My work got featured on almost all major news platforms, like The New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Unilad, Forbes 30u30 (German), as well as being on the Forbes Cover (DACH region) with more than 25M impressions.

Privacy research

I'm an active security & privacy researcher, focused on the iOS platform that have caused major changes in iOS, like the camera indicator and better photos permission. Most recently my privacy work on resulted in worldwide news coverage, all the way to hearings in US Congress and multiple litigation lawsuits.

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Open Source

Besides fastlane, I'm involved in many open source projects, like danger & instapipe.

I'm the founder of, an open source best-practices guide on how to build and ship high-quality iOS apps.


I spoke at various conferences around the world, most recently Madrid, Tel Aviv, Oslo, Tokyo, Melbourne, Bangalore, Vienna, Berlin and San Francisco. For speaking engagements get in touch with me.

Past employers and other projects

Google, Twitter, Root Insurances, Product Hunt, MindNode, Wunderlist, Bikemap, xcode-install, amongst others. Check out the Projects overview for more details.

I moved to a new place every month without having an apartment for 2.5 years

Every other year I take the exact same photo as my Twitter/GitHub profile picture, introducing Continuous Delivery for your profile picture.

You can always reach me via Email or Twitter.

Check out my other projects & past employers.

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You can reach me easily via Twitter and email, or use the form below.

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Thank you

All the projects I’ve worked on wouldn’t have been possible without the environment I was in. In particular, the many people who believed in me, and supported me in the process, mentoring, helping and pushing me. This list is far from complete - however I wanted to still highlight some. In no particular order. Also, I have excluded my family from this list, as they are by far the most important support system, but also to preserve their privacy here.




Fitness & Health

You can reach me easily via Twitter and email, or use the form below.

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