All the major projects I’ve worked on in the last few years. Unless otherwise noted, I’m the sole-founder of each of the projects.

🚀 The easiest way to automate building and releasing your iOS and Android apps - this project consists of 25 subprojects
🔐 Various publications on how to bypass the iOS permission system
🌍 Where is Felix today? Where is he going next? What did he eat and what is he doing right now?
📸 Automatically store your Instagram stories on your GC bucket, publish them on whereisfelix, and post them on Telegram
🚝 A methodology for building high-quality iOS apps on a solid architecture
🔽 A command line tool to automatically install and update Xcode and its simulators
💥 Instanly kill iTunes as soon as it launches to not interrupt your workflow - works for any Mac app
🚫 Enforce pull request rules via your CI using a custom DSL
🔑 The fastest iOS app to add a note to your email inbox
📈 Track the key metrics of your life and analyze how they affect your happiness over time
🔰 A Telegram bot that automatically connects you with friends and family to catch up
🚲 Access 4 million biking routes from your phone - Built the initial iOS app in 2010
🤖 Automated the release process of MindNode, including generating localized screenshots for 14 languages
🎛 Set up the CI/CD infrastructure of Product Hunt
📕 Implemented social network integrations into Wunderlist during my internship 2011
🛠 A simple tool to generate a GitHub-like HTML page based on a markdown file
🐦 A simple script to unfollow everybody on Twitter and to use secret lists
💀 Visualize your life in weeks, based on the famous Wait But Why article
⛳️ A completely automated way to create iOS and Android apps for sport clubs, including a CMS for customers to manage their apps
🍔 A simple iOS app to view emojis full-screen to communicate with locals while traveling
📝 A simple script to export all your Apple iCloud notes to Bear notes
📱 Easy to use and customizable messages/notifications for iOS apps

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