Initial Version: WWDC 2016

The very first version was basically a set of location sharing groups on (app is now discontinued). The app quickly ran into the limitations of the platform.

WWDC week in San Jose is exciting and overwhelming at the same time: so many iOS and Mac developers all in one city. You finally have the chance to meet all the people in person you interact with online usually.

By making a real-time map of all developers you’ll be able to spontaneously meet nearby developers or join other groups.

Custom App: WWDC 2017

The following year I’ve built a custom app, and used it to learn Firebase and React Native.

The app is fully open source, and you can find the source code on GitHub. Due to the name, and me not wanting to deal with the App Store Review guidelines, the app was distributed through TestFlight.

WWDC 2018: ConfFriends

In 2018, I’ve decided to hand over the app to @ay8s, who re-wrote the app using native code, and renamed it to ConfFriends (to prevent any issues with Apple). With that, I’ve stopped working on