Over the last few months, a ton has happened with ContextSDK, a new developer tool to optimize apps based on the user’s current context:

Today, apps often have little logic when it comes to timing in-app communications or upsells. “Every day, billions of prompts and popups are shown at suboptimal times, resulting in annoyed users and increased churn.” said Felix Krause, co-founder of ContextSDK. “With today’s computing power, precise smartphone sensor data, combined with the latest machine learning algorithms, we can do much better than that.” Felix Krause aims to build the foundation for the next generation of mobile apps.

Angel Round

ContextSDK announces its first funding round, led by high profile Business Angels such as Peter Steinberger (founder of PSPDFKit), Johannes Moser (founder of Immerok), Michael Schuster (former Partner Speedinvest), Christopher Zemina (founder Friday Finance, GetPliant), Ionut Ciobotaru (former CEO Verve Group), Eric Seufert (Heracles Capital), Moataz Soliman (co-Founder Instabug) and others.

Dieter Rappold joining as CEO

Dieter Rappold has recently joined ContextSDK as co-founder and CEO. With more than 20 years of experience in building and scaling companies, Dieter will be responsible for the company’s growth and operations.

ContextSDK Performance

One recently onboarded customer, as a case study, showed 500 million upselling prompts, resulting in 24 million sales. With ContextSDK they experienced a remarkable +43% increase in conversion rates for new customers.

ContextSDK is an extremely lightweight SDK for iOS apps, using only 0.2% of CPU, less than a MB of memory footprint, and less than a MB added to the app’s binary size. It is fully GDPR compliant, not collecting any PII at any point.


Recently passed laws across the world signify a clear trend towards user privacy and data protection, resulting in many previously used services to be deemed unlawful, or only offering limited capabilities.

ContextSDK was built from the ground up with privacy in mind. All processing, including the execution of machine learning models, happen on-device. ContextSDK operates without any type of PII (Personal Identifiable Information), thanks to a completely new and unique mechanism built to fully protect the user’s privacy while also helping app developers achieve their business goals.

New Website

We’ve also just launched our new ContextSDK website, now including more details on how ContextSDK works, and how it can help your business.

Interested in using ContextSDK?

As ContextSDK is a brand-new product, we carefully select the companies we want to work with. We’ve been seeing the best performance improvements for apps with a minimum of 20,000 monthly active users, as that’s where our machine learning approach really shines. If you believe your app would be a good fit, sign up for ContextSDK here.

We’re hiring

We’re hiring a Data Scientist, check out our careers page.

Full Press Release

Read the full press release on contextsdk.com