Recently I’ve been working on some really cool iOS related open source tools. All those run independently from each other. This changes with fastlane.

There is a really cool website about the project:

With fastlane you define how your app needs to get released to the App Store (or beta testing service).


  • Connect all tools, part of the fastlane toolchain to work seamlessly together
  • Define different deployment lanes for App Store deployment, beta builds or testing
  • Deploy from any computer
  • Jenkins Integration: Show the output directly in the Jenkins test results
  • Write your own actions (extensions) to extend the functionality of fastlane
  • Store data like the Bundle Identifier or your Apple ID once and use it across all tools
  • Never remember any difficult commands, just fastlane
  • Easy setup, which helps you getting up and running very fast
  • Shared context, which is used to let the different deployment steps communicate with each other
  • Store everything in git. Never lookup the used build commands in the Jenkins configs
  • Saves you hours of preparing app submission, uploading screenshots and deploying the app for each update
  • Very flexible configuration using a fully customizable Fastfile
  • Once up and running, you have a fully working Continuous Deployment process. Just trigger fastlane and you’re good to go.