How often are you on the run, or hanging out with friends, only to suddenly think of this really important thing you need to do when you’re back home or back at work?

You want to jot down that thought as quickly as possible so you don’t forget, and you want to be reminded whenever you’re back on your computer.

Introducing Major Key, the best key

With far less than 100 lines of Swift code, this simple app does all you need:

  • Unlock phone
  • Launch Major Key 🔑
  • Type the note
  • Confirm

Within a second you’ll have the note in your email inbox. Extremely useful if you follow the inbox zero approach. All with no waiting times or animations.

Launch the app, write down a note, hit the 🔑 button and immediately have the note in your inbox.

Why a new app?

  • Using any kind of Notes app works rather nicely, however involves overhead, and chances are you forget on checking the notes app when you’re back on your Mac.
  • Sending yourself an email with any email client involves extra work, as you need to start typing your email, and you get to see your inbox (similar idea)
  • The IFTTT Notes app was perfect, however it was discontinued, and the new IFTTT app causes problems on the iPhone X due to abusing Web Clips to make it work.

🔑 Major Key is not available in the App Store, but is open source, and super easy to install if you’re a developer. If interest is there, I could also publish the app to the store.

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