• You host a party
  • You play a playlist
  • Friend wishes song
  • You give them your phone
  • Your playlist stops
  • They change volume
  • Song over
  • Your playlist gone
  • Party dead

Auxcord.org is a simple, free service:

Simply connect your Sonos and Spotify account, and manage your party in one spot:

  • Never replace the currently playing song: always queue
  • Your guests can use any phone to add songs
  • Your guests don't need any account or login
  • Disable the speaker's hardware buttons, so you control the volume and playlist
  • Share a link or QR code ahead of time, so guests can pre-queue
  • Prevent the same song from being played multiple times
  • No need to hand over your phone, or have your friends spell the title of the song

Currently, Auxcord works with Sonos & Spotify. The project is free to use, however not yet open source. Depending on demand, I might open source the repo on GitHub.

It’s like a Jukebox, but for your Sonos & Spotify setup.

Open Auxcord.org here to start using it for your next party.