In the world of mobile app development, understanding the user is key to creating experiences that resonate and retain. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Context Insights, a brand new analytics tool designed from the ground up for iOS developers. Context Insights is your gateway to understanding the real-world contexts in which your users engage with your app.

A New Dimension of User Understanding

iOS apps are used in a multitude of circumstances, at home on the couch, during the commute, while out on a walk, or anywhere in-between. Context Insights offers a new approach to user analytics. By analyzing the real-world context of your user base, you can gain insights into how different situations influence app usage. This allows you to segment your users more meaningfully, according to the context in which they interact with your app, providing a deeper understanding of their behavior and preferences.

Unparalleled Ease of Integration

We know how precious development time is. That’s why we’ve made integrating Context Insights into your iOS app as simple as possible. You’re just three steps away from getting brand new insights into how your app is used.

Step 1 - Signup and get your license key

Head over to our signup page and create a free account. We will send you your license key via email immediately.

Step 2 - Download ContextSDK and integrate it into your app

Simply add ContextSDK as a dependency to your Podfile (other integration options are supported as well, see here) and activate it by adding a single line at app start:

import ContextSDK


Step 3 - Ship an Update

After the super simple integration simply ship an update to the App Store and we will notify you as soon as your insights are ready.

Designed with Performance in Mind

Context Insights is designed to ensure a negligible impact on your app’s performance. Adding less than 700KB to your app’s footprint. Moreover, it operates using less than 1MB of memory while active, ensuring that your apps performance is unaffected.

Privacy First

Finally it’s worth noting that Context Insights has been designed from the ground up to preserve your users privacy. We don’t require the user to authorize tracking, nor do we require any additional permissions to work. All the data collected by Context Insights is non PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and as such doesn’t not fall under GDPR.

Get Started Today

Embark on a journey to deeply understand your users with Context Insights. By integrating this powerful tool, you’re not just enhancing your app; you’re elevating the entire user experience. Discover the untapped potential within your user base and let Context Insights guide you towards creating more engaging, personalized, and successful iOS applications.

We can’t wait to see how you leverage Context Insights to make your app truly exceptional. Welcome to the future of iOS app development.

Get started here or get more details on how it works on our landing page.