Felix Krause (KrauseFx)

Felix Krause, creator of fastlane

Felix Krause


I'm currently working on exciting projects with companies from all over the world.
If you would like to work with me just get in touch using the form below.

Open Source

I'm the developer of fastlane, an open source tool chain for iOS developer focussed on making releasing app updates easier. It consists of several tools, including deliver, fastlane, frameit, PEM and sigh.

My first open source project was TSMessages, which has over 2.500 stars on GitHub.


I've been working in many startups, like 6Wunderkinder (the creators of Wunderlist) and Toursprung. I recently started my own company SunApps.


Some of my previous (older) apps are: BikemapWiFiMapWandermapiTanky 


I'm currently finishing my Software Engineering degree in Preston, UK at the University of Central Lancashire.


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If you want me to help you setting up fastlane and its tools for you, get in touch with me. I've implemented a Continuous Deployment solution for several companies already and used fastlane in production for a number of months.

If you use fastlane and want to support the project, check out the sponsoring page.

I'm available for new projects! Just send me a message with the form below or via email: felix@krausefx.com